Wheel Barrow Trolley

two wheel Barrow

Wheel  Barrow Trolley used in transportation of material from huge manufacturing units, production areas and outside areas.  Our ultimate, easy to use and safe Trolley comes with manual system to lift and tilt by assistance of a single person. Furthermore, this is created with industry grades components like wheel is bonded to avoid damage to the floors  and avoiding any kind of sound, big size wheels with double ball bearing for smooth running and the entire structure is dully synthetic enamel painted which is zinc comet based.

wheel barrow



  • Strong and robust design
  • Long shelf life
  • Efficient and cost effective


  • Lifting Capacity Kg 50
  • Tilting Angle Deg 90
  • Height Total mm 510
  • Barrow Height mm 298
  • Max. Width mm 636
  • Wheel Castor mm 300
  • Total Length mm 1455
  • Barrow Length mm 798
  • Packing Dimension mm 1455 X 636 X 510

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