Truck Mounted Vacuum Sweeping Machine

truck mounted vacuum sweeper machine

Speed Kleen Systems “Truck Mounted Sweeper” offered comes designed and developed using latest technology support and perfectly match up to the requirements of mechanical sweeping of roads, parking lots and other areas. Further, the use of durable sweeping brushes coming mounted on either sides of sweepers as well as powerful suction support also make these provide for quality cleaning performance. Some of its features include centralized operating devices; constant space maintained between suction nozzle and ground; stainless steel metal based water tank and dustbin for durable usage; firm and durable double stainless steel structure finish i coated finish for superior corrosion resistance.

  • Suitable for Heavy Duty Sweeping application on Industrial Municipal Roads and Highways.
  • Wandering Hose for suction of material from outside sweeping path.
  • Sweeping operation without water spray (Dry Sweeping) – Optional
  • Container Volume: 4000 – 6500 Ltr

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